Fact Check: Nighat Dad “spreads disinformation” and is schooled by MNA and Twitteratis

In a recent Tweet by Nighat, she had spread 'disinformation' on Twitter, manipulating facts about Shahrukh Jatoi case.

Heading: Fact Check: Nighat Dad

Nighat Dad, who is a lawyer and a digital rights activist, is under fire for spreading false information using her social media. Many Twitter users have called her out for this purpose.

In a recent Tweet by Nighat, she had spread ‘disinformation’ on Twitter as she was commenting on the recent acquittal of Shahrukh Jatoi. In the post, she wrote that Qandeel Baloch’s murderer brother was also recently acquitted by LHC, and PTI promised that it will file an appeal against the decision, however, it never happened.

Nighat was schooled by social media activists on Twitter including the former parliamentary secretary for Law, Maleeka Ali Bukhari, who called her out for spreading propaganda and fake news. Maleeka stated that PTI govt had indeed filed an appeal in Supreme Court, CPLA – 379. She also mentioned the date on which it was done and claimed that ‘important convictions had taken place in crimes against women in PTI’s tenure.’

Many Twitter users also exposed Dad for having a sympathy with PPP and not questioning them for protecting murderers like Jatoi. People also reminded Nighat that recently a journalist Nazim Jhokio, who was liked by PPP MNA, was also acquitted but she still has a beef with PTI and never questioned PPP.

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