Health Emergency: 120 children tested HIV-positive in Gujrat

After Sindh, Punjab affected by HIV outbreak while federal and provincial governments remain inactive.

  • HIV virus outbreak affects Punjab now.
  • More than 2000 cases reported.
  • 120 children tested HIV-positive in Gujrat this month alone.
  • If nothing is done, Pakistan’s situation will be no different than Nigeria and Africa.
  • Urgent action needed by provincial and federal governments.

After Sindh, the HIV virus has now affected Punjab as 2000 people have reportedly been tested positive, local media source reports

According to the reports, More than 2000 people in Punjab’s Gujrat have been tested positive for the virus after Sindh made headlines for the outbreak. 120 children have been reported affected in this outbreak during this week alone.

By all means, it calls for a healthcare emergency all across the country. The reports say that if this fast-spreading disease does not get urgent attention and is not bought under control soon, then Pakistan’s situation will be no different than Nigeria and South Africa in three to five years.

Dr Zahid Tanveer, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Health, says that not only adults, the recent affected include a large number of children as well. He added that three centres have been set up in Gujrat and adjoining areas to tackle the situation, which continues to worsen.

Why is HIV spreading so rapidly in Pakistan?

Source: UNAIDS, National AIDS Control Programme and the Global Fund.


The health department is failing to take high-level precautionary measures in this case.  Minister of State for National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Dr Zafar Mirza has announced that a 10-member team of World Health Organization’s (WHO) technicals and the professional expert would visit Pakistan to investigate the outbreak of HIV in the affected area of Larkana particularly.

He added that on his request, the WHO team was coming on the mission to investigate the situation. He added that the decision to invite international experts was made to exactly reviewing the situation and to ascertain the cause, advises on mitigation measures and ways. This will ascertain the areas where we need to work to prevent further outbreak.

Via: Dunya News

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