Health Emergency | 50 HIV cases emerge in Sindh, majority patients are children

50 HIV cases have been reported in Sindh Ratodero Larkana.

Ringing bells for a healthcare emergency in Sindh, 50 HIV cases have emerged in  Ratodero Larkana, the constituency of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto during the last three months. The majority of the affected are children. According to a local reporting source, the kids are aged between eight months to five years.

About 20 people have lost their lives to HIV. Doctors serving in the area are concerned about the situation, while also highlighting that people are unable to avail qualitative healthcare services due to poverty.

”During last three months, 15 to 20 positive cases were detected at their private clinics. Patients were unable to get treatment due to poverty” – Dr Imran Arbani and Dr Muzafar Ghangro said, as Daily Times reports. 

Among the patients is HIV positive Eman Shah who apparently is now caught in the deadly disease due to medical negligence. Her father, Nazir Shah, said that his daughter was infected from the usage of the same syringe by the dispensers of the doctors. He added that since he is a bank employee, he can afford the treatment but most of the people cannot due to poverty.

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Another person Agha Mirani complaint that his 3 years old lost his life due to the use of infected syringe as well.  22 people lost their lives due to HIV/AIDS in Sindh during the year 2018. Among them 19 were male and three were females. Sindh AIDS Control Program (SACP) Programme Manager Dr Younis Chachar said that the majority of the deaths occurred due to injecting drug users.

He further revealed the stats that SACP has recorded 2,462 new HIV/AIDS cases at six HIV/AIDS Treatment Centre from January 1 to date and out of them, 2,112 are men, 220 are women, and 58 transgender persons, 42 boys and 30 girls.

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