Heartbreaking Account Of Lack Of Opportunities In Pakistan By A Father

Pakistan roughly produces 45,000 graduates twice a year, and the opportunities according to an estimate are between 2,000 to 5,000. This paints a frightening yet, realistic picture of the ordeal of Pakistan’s young generation.

A heartbreaking story was shared by a father, who always envisioned his son contributing to Pakistan but had to leave the country due to lack of opportunities. Writing on Facebook, he expressed that he’s disappointed today after waving his soon goodbye as he leaves for England. He said that more than the fact that both of them will not be seeing each other, what is hurtful for them is leaving their own country and contribute in another.

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His son was a graduate of Ayub Medical College. He then did specialisation in medicine, clearing his exams in the first attempt. After this, he completed his four years training at Benazir Bhutto Hospital Rawalpindi. He kept clearing each and every one of his exams in the first attempt, which is quite a feat in the medical profession – until he reached the clinical exam. The father wrote that in this particular exam, more than ‘capability’, acting is needed or a strong reference works.

He kept failing this test and was not designated for a government job as well. After a long struggle, he got a job in Upper Dir. He was assigned the seat of MO but was performing the duties of a medical specialist. With this, he kept participating in the exams. In all the written tests, or precisely that judge one’s capabilities, he kept securing good marks but since he had no strong reference, his entire hard work kept going in the drain.

The young capable individual who was determined to serve this country had no other option so he started preparing for MRCP abroad. He cleared the first two exams in a single attempt and seeing his score, he was offered jobs at four different places. He writes that finally the diamond that Pakistan prepared left the country today. Here is what he had to say:

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