Sukkur: Heatstroke centres forcefully closed by religious activists for being operational in fasting hours

Religious activists carrying weapons stormed into heatstroke centers.

Heatstroke swelters Pakistan for the 5th consecutive year


Armed men linked to a religious activist group attacked heatstroke centres in Sukkur. The armed assailants shot in the air and terrorised the people, forcing them to halt operations.

Set up at Ayub Gate, the water outlet is among the many heatstroke centres set up in Sukkur. The centre was set up by Sukkur Municipal Corporation (SMC) to provide immediate relief to victims.

In certain upper areas of Sindh, the temperature remained between 40 and 47 degrees in recent days. Additionally, this is the fifth consecutive year when the province swelters in heatwave while the provincial government is clueless on how to handle it.

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Radical religious activists attacked heatstroke centres:

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The relief centres are normally active between peak hours ie from 10am to 5pm and provide immediate help. However, radical religious activists believe it was a violation of the Ehteram-i-Ramazan Ordinance, as these centres are operational during fasting hours.

Moreover, they also threatened the staff to shut the operations or ‘face the consequences’.  Mr Taufiq Bandhani, SMC’s contractor of the centres, told that they maintained that water was being served in ‘large quantity’ in these centres.

When the staff appeared unconvinced by it, they attacked the Ayub Goth heatstroke centre and force it close. They fired in the air, terrorising the people, making them flee.

 The attackers belonged to a religious outfit:

An officer in charge of the Municipal Water Works Mr Atta-ur-Rehman says that the attackers were affiliated to a religious outfit. Subsequently, owing to the threat, the authorities have asked to shut down five of these relief centres. The decision to close down the centres has been taken amid security threats.

Additionally, Atta said that the centres will be reopened after necessary consultations with the authorities.


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