Heavy Schoolbags Can Cause Permanent Defects In Your Child – Here’s How

It is concerning how kids, in younger years of their lives, a complaint about problems like a backache and neck pain. Kids who should be in the best of their energies at this point in life are always tired and lack the strength of physical activity.

While all of us notice and talk about it a lot, have we ever considered that your kid’s school bags can be a reason for that? Well, they can be and most probably they are.
According to Dr. Nisar, deputy medical superintendent of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, heavy school bags are the reason for causing permanent implications and irreversible back problems. This can lead to disfiguring curvatures, spinal abnormalities, and problems associated with bone growth. Nisar also added that these problems can lead to severe lumbago.

He said that about 35% of the kids between age 5 to 13 are suffering from severe back pain due to lifting heavy weight in the form of these school bags and can potentially affect the bone growth directly. He requested that serious measures must be taken to reduce the baggage weight, so it doesn’t affect the kid’s health and develop sustaining health problems.
“I request you to take serious concern on this issue and take all possible measures and manage a system so that children have to carry only specific books needed as per daily timetable, (Source: Geo News)

He said that some effective measures can be defined timetable so children only have to carry specific books, reducing homework and most importantly, giving them the facility of lockers so they don’t have to carry the books around. Nisar said that it is a serious issue that needs our attention. Along with parents, teachers need to make an effort as well to stop the issue from worsening and impacting health before any effective measures are taken. Nisar hoped that something will be done on government’s level as well as the issue concerns the country’s future.

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