HEC shows concern over decreased education budget, stresses the government to revise 

The Commission urged the government to support HEC initiatives and resolve critical, time-sensitive issues.

The budget for the current fiscal has been finalized, with 59 billion rupees allocated for Higher Education Sector (HEC), as compared to 65 billion rupees allocated for the year 2020-21. The numbers indicate that the committed Higher Education Indicative Budget Ceiling of 70 billion rupees suffered another cut of 5.90 billion rupees.

According to HEC, the decline in HEC\\’s funding along with the shortfalls and impact of the COVID crisis will result in the dismantling of the country\\’s higher education system. The universities will be forced to shut down, the quality of education will drop, and there will be limited access to education. The inadequate investment will disable the youth of Pakistan to acquire the necessary competencies needed to create a mark internationally.

HEC stresses the government to revise

The governing body of HEC put forward its arguments in a two-day 36th meeting of the Commission chaired by Chairman HEC Tariq Banuri. In the online meeting, members stressed the government to revise its decisions and provide HEC with appropriate funding.

A proposal of a new funding methodology developed by the Commission was put forward in the meeting that divided total allocation into two parts. The method stated that 85% of the total would be treated as the base, while 15% will be treated as performance grants (which would be approved on the quantities of publications, research grants received, and Ph.D. faculty and students).

“Protection against Sexual Harassment in Higher Education Institutions 2020”

HEC Policy on “Protection against Sexual Harassment in Higher Education Institutions 2020”, containing better guidelines and actions, was also approved by the Commission. Lastly, “Safe Campus Acceptable Usage Policy 2020” was adopted with the aim of privacy protection and harassment elimination.

The Commission lauded HEC for its work in minimizing academic disruption, guiding universities to adapt to online practices, and providing resources accounting for 1.20 billion rupees. The Commission also appreciated HEC\\’s efforts in monitoring the quality of online delivery, building content and resources, and motivating students to continue learning regardless of Covid-19.

The Commission urged the government to support HEC initiatives and resolve critical, time-sensitive issues.

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