Board Exams 2020: HEC releases grading criteria for SSC and HSSC students

The proposal suggests the grading criteria of students based on their previous results.


The Education Ministries have proposed an average marking method for the students of secondary school certificate  (SSC) and higher secondary school certificate (HSSC) examinations.

The proposal suggests the grading criteria of students based on their previous results. It is under consideration and likely to be implemented after a final approval on Friday.

Proposed Method for average marking:


SSC-I (9th Grade)

The proposal suggests skipping the ninth class exams in 2020 and conducting 10th class exams in 2021. Average marks for SSC-I will be calculated under the given formula: Marks obtained in matric will be added to (marks obtained in 10th ÷ total marks X 10).

SSC-II (10th Grade)

Average marks for the 10th class students will be calculated by adding marks obtained in the ninth class to (marks obtained in ninth ÷ total marks X 10).

HSSC-I (First Year)

The proposal also recommends that the 11th class exam should not be conducted this year and while the composite exam will be held next year. To calculate marks for the class 11 students, obtained marks in 12th will be added to (marks obtained in 12th ÷ total marks of 11th X 10).

Meanwhile, another proposal came under discussion that suggests skipping examinations in 2020 and conducting composite exams in the year 2021.

HSSC-II (Second Year)

To calculate marks for the 12th standard, marks secured in the 11th grade will be added to (marks scored in 11th ÷ total marks X 10).

Improvement Papers

Students who are improving subjects have been given a slight advantage in the average marking.

Average Marks formula: Marks obtained in the 9th and 10th will be added to (obtained marks ÷ total marks X 20).

Failed Papers

Average marks for every subject paper to be obtained by (Previously obtained marks in 9th or 11th ÷ total marks X 15).

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