[APPLY HERE] HEC is Granting Rewards and Prizes to Researchers and Scholars this year

According to HEC, the deadline to submit applications for this year's rewards is the 1st of February 2021.

HEC is rewarding excellent researchers and scholars.

Recently, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan took to Twitter to invite Pakistani researchers and scholars to submit their applications for the HEC Research Awards 2021.

According to HEC, the deadline to submit applications for this year’s rewards is the 1st of February 2021.

Eligibility Criteria for Submitting Applications

Researchers and scholars who have been blacklisted by the HEC in the past for submitting plagiarized research and publications are ineligible to apply for the 2021 HEC awards.

Aim of the HEC Awards

Reports state that these awards aim to recognize the scholar’s efforts, reward their research excellence, and promote publications with a higher impact.

HEC Rewards 2021 are here!

Domains of the HEC Rewards

Reports state that the awards will be given across the following three broad disciplinary domains:

  • Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Law, Education, Management, or Public Policy
  • Physical Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Computer Science, Statistics, or Mathematics
  • Life Sciences, Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Agriculture, or Veterinary Sciences

Categories of HEC Rewards

According to details, the three categories of the 2021 HEC awards are as follows:

  • Best researcher
  • Best young researcher
  • Best publication
Details of the HEC Rewards 2021.

Prize of HEC Rewards Categories

The winners of the first two reward categories will receive a cash prize of Rs. 0.5 million each, while Rs. 1 million will be given to the winner of the last category.

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