New HEC curriculum for undergraduates: Internships, skill development made mandatory

The new curriculum has been in the making for the past 18 months.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has come up with a new curriculum for undergraduate programs being offered at universities.

The new HEC curriculum is in accordance with the modern-day requirements and technological requirements. It will be implemented from next year.

The new curriculum

The new curriculum has been in the making for the past 18 months and was made possible due to the efforts of HEC and 1,000 stakeholders of 143 universities.

The inclusion of social sciences subjects was also demanded. Hence, under the new curriculum, it is important for every student in early semesters to complete important fields of humanities like arts, quantitative reasoning, expository writing, and social sciences, Islamic studies, general education courses, and Pakistan studies.

In the later semesters, students will have to take institutional courses that include the subjects they’re majoring in. The students will be able to graduate in one major, including one or two minors in addition to one major or a double major

The fresh curriculum has made ‘practical experiences’ a must for every graduate. All students will be required to do an internship and will be required to choose additional skills, like business development, graphics, entrepreneurship, etc.

This will be applied to all undergrad degrees. The new undergraduate programs will allow students to change their one-degree program too.

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