HEC proposes solutions to online classes and university fees issue

The students all across the country are protesting right now.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) plans to provide special permission to students from remote areas. This special permission would allow them to come back to their hostels to study. The purpose of doing this is to make sure that the internet facility is available for students, enabling them to attend online classes.

This solution to address the problems for students from remote areas was announced by The Chairman HEC, Tariq Banuri. Banuri further added that the education commission had sought authorization from the federal government to give special permission for relocating students to their hostels. If the federal government grants permission, the HEC will facilitate bringing a small number of students back from the remote areas, under strict safety protocols.

Moreover, Banuri disclosed that talks with telecommunication companies are currently underway. The purpose of these discussions is to agree on cheaper data bundles for students so that university students can be offered communication at more reasonable rates.

Collaborating with mobile operators

Banuri highlighted that the collaboration between the HEC and the mobile operators would prove to be fruitful for educational resources and online classes, as it will ensure more affordable internet access for both. This collaboration is in the final stages of becoming operational.

The Chairman HEC also maintained that a complete fee waiver is not possible. For that to happen, the Federal Government would have to increase the HEC\\’s annual budget. However, universities could reduce the fee by eliminating insignificant charges to make them more affordable and justified.

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