Helena Saeed – Pakistan’s First Ever Female AIG Police

Overcoming gender barriers, Miss Helena Saeed has become Pakistan’s first ever female to be promoted to the rank of Additional Inspector General Police (BPS-21).

Belonging to Quetta, not only is she the first ever female to achieve this milestone but she is also the first individual to have done it from Balochistan. Being the highest ranking officer of PSP, Helena’s achievement is a moment for pride for all the women of Pakistan who are fighting day and night.


Helena herself has made it evident that women representation in law enforcement agencies is as imperative and significant as their male counterparts. Representing the small percentage of women in police force, Helena has highlighted their issues in a very bold manner. She has always stressed upon the need of police policies to be reviewed and called for equal opportunities in advance courses. She also says that the placement of women in active policing based on their skills is crucial to bridge the gender gap. To eradicate the discrimination within the institution, she has always demanded reforms so that women enjoy equal opportunities as men, based on their calibre.

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Not only Helena herself, but her husband stands as a true inspiration for the country. Her husband ASP Rizwan Khan Tareen from CSS 19th CTP embraced Shahadat, presenting the sacrifice of his blood for the country. After his martyrdom, Helena decided to carry the mission of her husband forward herself and joined police force through CSS 23rd CTP as ASP, four years later. She got the honour of being the first female CSS officer in the service.

Her story is truly inspirational and rips away the contemporary and orthodox ‘vulnerable’ image associated with women in conservative societies. It also strengthens Pakistan’s image as a land of equal opportunity for everyone, regardless of gender.

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