‘My daughter stole my money and kicked me out of the house,’ helpless mother shares heart-wrenching story [VIDEO]

The helpless mother told her heart-wrenching story in a video interview conducted by the Sarim Burney Trust.

Poor mother shares heart-wrenching story of mistreatment by daughter.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us that paradise lies under the feet of our mothers. However, there are many of us in this world who have failed to realize this teaching. Today we talk about one such daughter who crushed her paradise with her own hands. This ruthless daughter stole her own frail mother’s life-long earnings and then kicked her out of the house.

The helpless mother told her heart-wrenching story in a video interview conducted by the Sarim Burney Trust. She said:

After my husband’s death, I worked hard to raise my children, and today they left me helpless.

She continued to state:

My son had already left me as soon as my husband died. But my daughter lived with me, and I took care of her needs. Then I married my daughter off by working very hard.

Talking about how her daughter treated her in return, the poor mother said:

I was saving my hard-earned money, which was about Rs. 7 lacs. It was my life saving, and I wanted to perform Hajj and Umrah with that money. However, when my daughter and son-in-law found out about the money, she began persuading me to buy her a house where I can stay with her.

Blinded by love for her child, the single mother relied on her daughter’s words and bought her the house. However, the daughter ended up becoming her mother’s enemy. 

The helpless mother shared:

My daughter and son-in-law first seized my money and then kicked me out of the house.

Watch the full video here:

Daughter looted her mother’s earnings and left her on the road.

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Posted by Sarim Burney Trust International on Saturday, March 20, 2021

Similar Heart-wrenching Incidents

Unfortunately, this is not the first tragic incident that has taken place in our society; many similar incidents where children mistreated their parents have surfaced in the recent past.

A video posted by a girl Zoobia Meer went viral on social media last year in which she recorded her brother in a shameless act of brutally beating his mother.

Here is the video evidence:

The police also arrested a woman last month who tortured and beat her mother-in-law in Karachi.

Here is the video of the shameless act:

These shameless acts of brutally beating and disrespecting older people have left people utterly speechless. The sad reality is that many older adults are rejected by their children for various reasons such as property, resentment towards a daughter-in-law, illness, finances, and more. Only time will tell whether society can rid itself of these evils.

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