Here are 5 best ways to make money on Instagram in Pakistan

If you want to earn money through Instagram, but don’t know how, this guide is the right place to start from.

Here are 5 Best ways to Make money on Instagram in Pakistan

Instagram is a marketing tool, and if used the right way, can be used to launch an online career. The social media platform offers the opportunity to explore multiple streams of potential income.

If you want to earn money through Instagram, but don’t know how, this guide is the right place to start from.

How to make money on Instagram

There are multiple ways to do that, and the methods may work best for you depending on your brand of Instagram content, commitment, and target audience. However, if you are chasing one revenue stream, it does not mean you can’t go for another one.

1. Become a brand affiliate

When it comes to becoming an affiliate, your goal is to not just raise awareness about the brand, but also raise sales, and you are awarded a commission in return for this.

This is done through a trackable link or a promo code to ensure that every click results in a sale. You can use links in Instagram stories, profile bio, or stickers. Affiliate marketing is even more useful if you pre-plan everything before going into it, and increase your online presence to include other marketing channels or a website.

2. Instagram Shop

The pandemic has led to an increase in e-commerce brands and creators, who want to sell through social media. To benefit such people/businesses, the application has launched multiple features under the Instagram Shopping umbrella. The features let people shop from you. There is an Instagram shop or storefront, from where you can share your story and sell products.

Instagram provides users a seamless experience to browse and hop your collections. You can get started on Instagram Shopping by having a Business or Creator account. You can also customize your shop or curate products presented in themes.

3. Live badges

Live badges are a new feature that helps influencers make money on Instagram. This was a popular concept taken from live streaming applications Twitch and TikTok.

Live Badges are like receiving tips during a live broadcast. With the feature, viewers can buy the badge during a live stream that shows in the comments and unlock features.

4. Sponsored Content

To be able to collaborate with brands and post sponsored content, you need to have an online following. Hence, the place to start would be to create a prominent online presence, where your followers trust you with advice and opinions.

Then, brands spot such influencers, and partner for content like reels, stories, and posts, which help to get the word out about their brand. However, brands don’t always see your follower count, they could do observe the engagement your followers have with your account and collaborate on that basis. It can be hard to balance your integrity as a creator, but if you are not solely dependent on Instagram to make a living, you can be picky about the brands you collaborate with.

5. Monetization

Another great way to earn money on Instagram is through monetization, or in layman’s terms, in-stream video advertisements. Through such ads, brands can promote themselves through the videos you upload.

The amount of money you earn depends largely on the videos you will get or ‘Monetizable Plays.’ You will get a specific percentage of ad revenue generated from each view, which is then transferred to your personal bank account.

To enable Monetization, you can go to Account Settings. Once there, click on Creator and them In-Stream Video Ads.

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