Here are the cars owned by Pakistani cricketers and their prices

Babar Azam with his car

Fans always want to know more about their favourite superstars, irrespective of whatever sports they belong from. Cricketers are the highest paid athletes in Pakistan and they enjoy luxurious lifestyles.

Have you ever wondered what kind of cars some of your favourite Pakistani cricketers own? Well, if you are still looking for the answer then you have found yourself at the right place.

Here are the cars owned by Pakistani cricketers:

Asif Ali — Honda Civic

The explosive right handed batter owns a Honda Civic Oriel. Following lots of criticism, Asif Ali was finally able to answer his critics with match-winning performances in the T20 World Cup 2021. The car owned by the Islamabad United player is currently priced at Rs. 4,259,000.

Shoaib Malik — Toyota Supra

Pakistan’s ever-green all-rounder owns a Toyota Supra, which also met an accident soon after he bought it. Reportedly, Shoaib Malik bought the car in Rs. 9 million.

Hassan Ali — Kia Sportage

The right arm pacer owns Kia Sportage. The Pakistani’s favorite crossover SUV comes in multiple variants and its difficult to say which one Hassan Ali owns, the AWD or FWD. The Kia Sportage AWD and FWD are currently priced at Rs. 5,788,000 and Rs. 5,276,000 respectively.

Shadab Khan — Honda Civic

Just like Asif Ali, the Islamabad United’s captain also owns a Honda Civic Rebirth, which is priced around Rs. 2.3-3 million.

Muhammad Rizwan — Honda Civic

During a tour of Muhammad Rizwan’s house in Peshawar by a YouTube channel, we got to know that the dashing batter owns a  Honda Civic RS Turbo. It costs Rs. 5,049,000.

Muhammad Hafeez — Land Cruiser

Muhammad Hafeez recently decided to announce his retirement from international cricket. And the Professor arrived in his V8 Land-Cruiser for his last press conference as a member of the national cricket team.

Shaheen Shah Afridi owns more than one car

And you were probably wondering the most about the car Shaheen Afridi has. Well, the left arm pacer owns a Toyota Fortuner as well as an Audi A8 Hybrid. The price of Toyota Fortuner is around Rs. 8,569,000 to Rs. 10,842,000. The Audi A8 costs Rs. 7-8 crore.

Babar Azam — Audi A5

Last but not the least, the Pakistan’s all format skipper owns an Audi A5. Babar Azam’s Audi A5 is priced around Rs 1.4 crore.

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Via: Pakwheels

  • Pakistan is currently a place for Crickers and internationallybfamed personlities now a days,you can say anyone with fame(even if donkey )is being given respect,because you guys know,to fullfill your interests sometimes you have to make donkey 🐎 your father…listen for life

  • the prices are too elevated. The new model of Audi A5 is just 35k dollar. Also for Audi A8 hybrid is around 80k usd. most of these models are old and for sure cheaper.. nobody will pay 3 or 7 crores for such car

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