Do you know about these 10 beautiful waterfalls in Pakistan?

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Pakistan being a scenic country, has countless breathtaking destinations. The country is blessed with unique terrains and incredible mountain ranges. The waterfalls in Pakistan are fantastic tourist destinations and are accessible in summers and some of them in winters.

Here is a list of 10 Waterfalls in Pakistan

1. Cham Waterfall

This beautiful Waterfall in the Azad Kashmir is known as Cham Waterfall. It is situated in Chinari, a small village in the Hattian Bala district of Azad Kashmir. It is located 51 km from Muzaffarabad and is a great tourist attraction.

2.Twin Waterfalls of Gulpur

Yet another jewel of the Azam Kashmir is the Mahulli Twin Waterfall located near Gulpur town in District Kotli. It is tremendously captivating and falls from a shorter cliff into a lake. The view of the Waterfall from the stony top is mesmerizing.

3.Pir Ghaib Waterfall

Pir Ghaib Waterfall is a marvel located 70 km from Quetta. The Waterfall cascades down from the stony mountains and falls into a massive natural pool. It is also covered by shady palm trees that enhance the beauty and attract tourists.

4.Moola Chotok Waterfalls

Moola Chotok Waterfall is located in a small village called Moola and is situated at 106 km from the Khuzdar District of Balochistan. This spot is a hidden paradise in Pakistan, and you will fall deeply in love with its magnificence.

5.Chajian Waterfall

This beautiful Waterfall is located on the outskirts of the small village, 25 km from Haripur. Visitors can enjoy the hail in the Waterfall. It is open during summers with increased flow and enriched beauty.

6.Naran Kaghan Waterfalls

waterfalls in Pakistan

Naran Kaghan Waterfall has situated approximately 24 km from the Havelian city in the District Abbottabad. The beauty of this Waterfall is a dual waterfall, which looks glam. It is an excellent attraction to many tourists and locals as well.

7. Umbrella Waterfall

Umbrella Waterfall is located in Abbottabad District and is a recent and newly emerged tourist attraction in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is situated 27 km from Havelian city, and then there is a hike of about 30-40 minutes to reach the actual location.

8.Bissa Waterfall

waterfalls in Pakistan

Bissa Waterfall is located at a 30 km distance from Islamabad. It is a mesmerizing sight of a beautiful waterfall falling from a considerable height. This is also one of the new spots in Pakistan.

9.Bruti Waterfall

waterfalls in Pakistan

This beautiful Waterfall is located in the Margalla Hills is a scenic place approximately 3 km from Bari Imam. The place has recently attracted tourists who love to in the hills. In the summer season, it is a natural water pond and is accessible by Trail 5.

10.Khadeji Waterfall

waterfalls in Pakistan

Khadeji Waterfall is an excellent place to visit in the winter season.
The Waterfall is one of the oldest cascades located 60 km from Karachi, Sindh. The elevation of Khadeji Waterfall is 350 feet above sea level. Mountains surround this Waterfall which makes it more beautiful.

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