Here Is How The Twitter Community Is Reacting To Landmark Verdict In Aasia Bibi Case

Pakistan has made history today in a landmark verdict overturning the death sentence of Christian woman on blasphemy charges. 

Aasia Bibi was prosecuted for insulting the Holy Prophet (SAWW) by her neighbours in 2010. They were harvesting fruit in Sheikhupura, when one woman accused Aasia drank water from the bucket, making it unclean for the use of her Muslim neighbours. This initiated the argument between them, and they asked Aasia should leave her faith and convert to Islam. Allegedly Aasia made offensive comments about the Holy Prophet (SAWW) during that.

The case turned high-profile and attracted the mass media on the national and international level when then Governor Punjab Salman Taseer advocated for her and was killed for it. Taseer’s death for the cause initiated a debate on how the blasphemy laws, which were meant to protect religious sentiments, have turned into a tool of personal and political vengeance.


Though she always maintained her innocence, Aasia has spent the most time in the past 8 years in solitary confinement. In a historic and revolutionary judgement today, Chief Justice Saqib Nisar has acquitted her and said she is a free woman, if not needed in connection with any other case.

The verdict has angered the right-wing hardliners and security situation seems to be at risk. Huge traffic jams causing inconvenience for common citizens and violent protests have started, as expected, from the reactionary wing who demanded Aasia to be executed on false blasphemy charges.


However, the majority of people have welcomed this verdict with open arms. Though Aasia has spent almost a decade of her life in prison already, it is definitely a turning point that will reclaim the faith of minorities in the law and justice system as it assures law will stand with them if they are innocent.

Here is how the Twitter community is reacting to the verdict:

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