Here’s all you need to know about Toyota’s ‘Corolla X-Package’ and the new price list

The automobile prices over the past couple of months have skyrocketed in the country. Recently, the Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) has announced that they have revised the price list for Corolla Altis with the introduction of the new ‘X-package.’

The X-package, unlike the ordinary variant, will contain some upgrades. These include:

  • Passenger seat belt sensor
  • All-Black Interior
  • Parking sensor
  • A new and aggressive body kit

As per the reports, only the automatic Corolla Altis Grande 1.8 would contain the black interior choice. It’s also the most expensive variant in the entire series. The remaining lineup would only feature the parking sensor, passenger seatbelt sensors, and the body-kits.

Although the automobile company has made sparse changes in the new “X-package,” the price difference is enormous. Additionally, it’s uncertain whether the price would accompany the X-package or if the package would be an exclusive option in the lineup.

The Pakistani’s rupee has recently increased in comparison to the US dollar. However, the automakers have again increased the price tag on the cars. The price fluctuation might be balanced with the introduction of new options in the market.

Here’s the new price list:

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  • bullshit better to buy corolla 1.6 and get your self a black leather seats after market save your 6 to 7 lac

  • ye toyota aur suzuki ki kutto ko bhi koi lgaam dalay..aye din prices barha detay hain

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