Here’s how much Babar Azam’s Tag Heuer watch costs

Do you know how much Babar Azam's watch cost?

Babar azam's watch priceBabar Azam has emerged as one of the only few young cricketers from Pakistan in the recent years who have maintained their brilliant form with the bat for a long time. Following his consistent performance with the bat, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) appointed the 27-year-old as the skipper across all three formats.

The entire cricket team has shown great character and performance under Babar Azam ever since his appointment. The Pakistani skipper led the Pakistan cricket team to the semi final of the recently concluded T20 World Cup but unfortunately, they failed to make the final.

The national T20 side won the T20 series against Bangladesh 3-0. Under Babar Azam, Pakistan is the team with most wins in the T20 cricket this year. The Men in Green have won 17 out of 26 matches played this year.  South Africa and New Zealand have won 15 and 13 matches respectively.

Babar Azam’s watch price:

Besides the love for the sport an athlete plays, he or she always has an interest in something else. Some athletes are interested in expensive cars while others love expensive watches. Babar Azam is a player who loves the latter. This is quite evident from the iconic Tag Heuer watch on his wrest. Do you know how much Babar Azam’s watch cost? According to Tag Heuer’s website, the watch Pakistan cricketer wears costs $6,350 which is around 1.2 million Pakistani rupees.

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