Here’s How Much Money Pakistan Will Be Making From Kartarpur Corridor Every Month?

After much delay by the Indian Government, they finally agreed to the service fee of US dollars 20 per pilgrim per visit demanded by Pakistan. But do you know how much money Pakistan is going to make per month once the Kartarpur corridor is completely operational?

According to a report, as many as five thousand pilgrims from across the border are expected to arrive in Pakistan through the corridor every day. By charging USD 20 per pilgrim per visit, Pakistan will make 1 lakh dollars every day eventually resulting in 3 million dollars per month.

If things go as planned, Pakistan will have a whopping amount of 36 million US dollars every year from the Kartarpur corridor. Not just that, this initiative will become another source of generating foreign currency for Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan has committed complete facilities for the visiting Sikh pilgrims. For this purpose, Pakistan will be employing 200 persons to facilitate the pilgrims. Moreover, the establishment of a small hospital and media centre is also on the cards.

Pakistan had agreed to the establishment of the Kartarpur corridor during the oath taking ceremony of PM Imran Khan. Navjot Singh Sidhu had arrived in Pakistan upon the invitation of Imran Khan to attend his oath taking ceremony. The Cricketer turned politician has a vital role to play in all this.

Just a couple of days ago, the wo countries signed the agreement for opening the Kartarpur corridor. As per the agreement signed, the historical Kartarpur corridor will be operational the whole year except for closure on notified days or exigencies.


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  • Its not only this . People will stay somewhere, will spend on food etc . Its alot more money!

  • pakistan has already spend a whopping 1000 crore in creating the infrastructure to and around kartarpur, many years wil only take it to break even , its all fine as a good will gesture not to benefit a lot in terms of financials

  • It’s not about money at all…

    It’s about creating a corridor of love ? between the two nations.

    It’s an initiative to “give peace a chance”

    Now its India’s turn to respond by Love and Sympathy towards future of us 2 billion people living in the region.



  • Islamic jajia tax returns again on non-Muslims.
    What more to expect the so-called peaceful religion.

    • When bored I watch indian news channels or read online comments from Indians like sardar tara sing above it is entertaining listening to all the hate and anti Muslim anti pakistan propoganda they spew out makes my day Hehe. Now let’s see how much jizya the Indians charge muslims from UK visiting ajmer sharif. Need visa for that cost=155.00 us dollars kartarpur visa free service charge= 20 us dollars very easy to see who is charging who jizya. Visit to taj mahal built by ahem religion of peace who you love to hate and demonise 1000 inr rupee and that’s after paying 155.00 us dollars jizya to enter the country. I could go on and on get a life move on kartarpur is a reality

  • Good gesture by Pakistan. We will facilitate Sikhs all around the world as much as possible.

  • This is huge and is totally historical event that both these countries have a great following of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and both sides have worked out to make the Kartarpur Gurdwara open to visitors from all over the world, this will benefit all involved, wonderful to know it’s happenings

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