Here’s How Much Money PCB & Franchises Earned from PSL 5

It was the first time the entire PSL tournament was held in Pakistan.


PSL 5 revenues

The Pakistan Super League 5 returned a total revenue of PKR two billion, one hundred and sixty seven million, seven hundred and ninety four thousand, seven hundred and forty nine (2,167,794,749) as per the initial unaudited accounts. However, the play-offs and final were postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Each franchise is likely to get PKR two hundred and fifty six million, six hundred and ninety seven thousand, ninety four (256,697,094)  out of the franchises’ total revenue pool, which stands at PKR one billion, five hundred and forty million, one hundred and eighty two thousand, five hundred and sixty four (1,540,182,564). According to reports, the franchises have expressed concerns considering their pool is lower than compared to last year.

The main reason for the reduced pool money is the suspension of the final stages of the tournament. As compared to the first stages, the last few matches generate more revenue.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will receive PKR six hundred and twenty seven million, six hundred and twelve thousand, one hundred and eighty five (627,612,185), and it will pay PKR one hundred and nine million, six hundred and fifty six thousand, four hundred and seventy four (109,656,474) as broadcasting tax and PKR fourteen million, three hundred and four thousand, three hundred and forty eight (14,304,348) as sponsorship tax.

Here are the details and revenues made from different sources

Total Revenue PCB’s Share Franchises’ Share
Ticket Sales PKR 362,036,000 PKR 108,610,800 (30%) PKR 253,425,200
TV Broadcast Rights (Pakistan) PKR 1,137,011,806 PKR 56,850,590 (5%) PKR 1,080,161,261
TV Broadcast Rights (Overseas) PKR 206,285,294 PKR 10,314,265 (5%) PKR 195,971,029
Title Sponsorship PKR 483,823,529 PKR 193,529,412 (40%) PKR 290,294,117
Gold Sponsorship PKR 150,208,363 PKR 60,083,345 (40%) PKR 90,125,018
Silver Sponsorship PKR 133,820,037 PKR 53,528,015 (40%) PKR 80,292,022
Umpire Sponsorship PKR 54,033,266 PKR 21,613,306 (40%) PKR 32,419,960
Production Entertainment Sponsorship PKR 98,489,118 PKR 4,924,456 (5%) PKR 93,564,662
Digital Live Streaming (Pakistan) PKR 124,037,647 PKR 6,201,882 (5%) PKR 117,835,765
Digital Live Streaming (Overseas) PKR 46,477,896 PKR 2,323,895 (5%) PKR 44,154,001
Radio Rights (Pakistan & Overseas) PKR 17,226,192 PKR 861,310 (5%) PKR 16,364,882
Wireless Mobile Telephone Rights PKR 8,321,029 PKR 416,051 (5%) PKR 7,904,978
In-stadium Catch & Win PKR 51,470,404 PKR 20,588,162 (40%) PKR 30,882,242
Graphic Interchange Rights PKR 46,741,626 PKR 18,696,650 (40%) PKR 28,044,976
Strategic Timeout Sponsorship PKR 17,155,699 PKR 6,862,280 (40%) PKR 10,293,419
Truck Branding PKR 15,097,015 PKR 6,038,806 (40%) PKR 9,058,209
Virtual Advertising PKR 11,620,126 PKR 4,648,050 (40%) PKR 6,972,076
Fantasy App PKR 12,408,000 PKR 4,963,200 (40%) PKR 7,444,800


It was the first time the entire tournament was held in Pakistan, which is why the franchises had better expectations in terms of revenues.

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  • Really disappointed to see that the person who wrote this article does not know the difference between Billion and trillion. 2,167,794,749 is not 2.16 trillion its 2.16 Billion dumb Ass.

  • Such events are great for the country in terms of jobs creation as well as economic growth. All types of sports should be promoted in the country.

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