Here’s What Actually Happened Between Tariq Bashir Cheema and Muhammad Malick

Since yesterday a video of senior journalist Muhammad Malick and Minister for Housing and Works Tariq Bashir Cheema has been doing rounds on social media.

Although, the video has been watched thousands of times across social media but most of the people don’t know what exactly happened on the show. In this article we will be explaining what actually happened between Tariq Bashir Cheema and Muhammad Malick.

Here’s What Happened

Muhammad Malick had recently done few programs about the housing project in I-12 Islamabad. The housing project was started by Akram Khan Durrani for small ranked retired government officials. According to Muhammad Malick, the project has certain legal and safety issues. In his previous shows, Malick explained how there are structural flaws in this housing project. To further clarify things on this issue , the current minister for Housing and Works was invited by Malick on his show.

The whole thing started when Muhammad Malick questioned Tariq Bashir Cheema that how come the tender for the project was issued in 2015 when the land’s possession wasn’t even taken. To this Tariq Bashir Cheema replied that this land was offered to Pakistan housing authority (PHA) back in 2010. He clarified that half of the amount of land was paid in 2012 and the rest in 2016. Tariq Cheema went on to add that CDA was to hand over the land to PHA after the payment of money or it should be deemed to be taken over.

Moreover, Tariq Cheema refuted Muhammad Malick’s claim that it was sealed couple of times. He said that it was never sealed before October 9 this year. However, Malick argued that the site was sealed by CDA couple of times and also showed a letter. But it tuned out to be a notice not a sealing order.

Things got heated up when Tariq Bashir Cheema accused Muhammad Malick of selling the idea of one of the nine contractors of the project. The senior journalist dared the minister to prove his allegation against him.

Tariq Bashir Cheema questioned that why a single contractor’s opinion was taken by Muhammad Malick and not all. Tariq Bashir Cheema further brought up the call records of the contractor, The Marksons. He further accused that this story by Muhammad Malick is a concocted one.

Minister for Housing also disclosed that the marksons are defaulters of many projects. Moreover, he also said that the the same contractor has just done 13 percent of work which is way less than others. Furthermore, Tariq Bashir Cheema also accused that Muhammad Malick talked to people from markson on the day he was invited by him on his show.

The federal minister said that Muhammad Malick has done this story on direction of Markson. After that the two leveled allegations against each others.

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  • Its my considered opinion and my belief that most of the Pakistani journos are inept, least cultured & educated on the interview conducting techniques and they do not have any clue on how to put a probing question without behaving themselves as partisan. They keep on interrupting the interviewees and get under their skin. Barring very few like Dr. Moeed Pirzada, majority of them toe the agendas of the likes of Malik Riaz in return getting favors in cash or kind. Muhammad Malick though little better professionally amongst his foul mouthed peers yet financially he’s corrupt to the core. He’s arrogant, considers too much of himself, and always has some sort of agenda, mostly siding with the rich & filthy corrupts, and the powerful people in the government corridors.
    If he’s that clean a person… would he care to truthfully explain to the Pakistani people…. from where did he get this mansion in Islamabad where he resides?? from where did he get the BMW 760 he’s driving?? from where did the money come from to send all his kids to the most expensive private schools in the country?? He owes all these explanations to the people on a TV screen, yes the same screen, where he day & night insults anybody and everybody who has a spine to disagree with his agenda. He and most others like him are a bunch of blackmailers, who when questioned about their shady character, conveniently hides behind the crap of ‘freedom of press’ mantra…. Sic.
    All the honest and patriotic Pakistani journalists of repute who have spent their entire lifetime in the field of journalism still lives hand to mouth.

  • Malik is now being by corrupt companies who have lost influence or lost flake to defame government and its officials

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