Here’s what Imran Khan used to say about ISI tapping his phone calls [Watch]

Imran Khan

An alleged leaked audio of former first lady and wife of Imran Khan has been a hot topic on social media. In the leaked audio clip, Bushra Bibi can be heard telling Imran Khan’s former focal person on social media to declare their opponents as traitors.

Now, Pakistan Tehree-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders are fearing more leaks, including a call between former PM Imran Khan and with his principal secretary Azam Khan. Senior journalist Ansar Abbasi in a YouTube video claimed that soon a phone call between Khan and his principal secretary will be leaked.

Today, in a press conference, PTI leader Shireen Mazari warned against leaking the alleged audio call. She stated that such a leaked call will be a violation of the official secrets act. Responding to a question about Busha Bibi’s audio call leak, Mazari didn’t deny that it was fake.

Imran Khan’s Stance About ISI Tapping Phone Calls:

An old video of the former PM responding to a question regarding ISI recording phone calls has now gone viral. In the video, Imran Khan defended the secret agency’s act and had said that he has no problem with it.

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