Here’s why China wants to import donkeys from Pakistan

According to Senator Dinesh Kumar, China is a fundamental export market.

In a fascinating new development, China is looking to import donkeys from Pakistan.

Pakistan’s neighbour has expressed its interest and willingness to import not just dogs, but also donkeys from the country. This was revealed by Senator Zeeshan Khanzada during a Senate Standing Committee on Commerce meeting held in Islamabad.

Why does China want to import dogs and donkeys?

Senator Abdul Qadir remarked that the Chinese ambassador has said that his country wants to import beef because of an increase in local demand, and a significant decrease in supply. According to Senator Dinesh Kumar, China is a fundamental export market.

Another Senator suggested that those concerned should import animals from Afghanistan and then export them to different countries, as the rate is cheap, but there are no buyers.

In response to the recommendation, the relevant authorities remarked that there is a temporary ban on importing animals from Afghanistan due to the spread of lumpy skin disease.

Farm set up in Okara to export donkeys

In 2021, the Punjab government set up a farm in Okara district, and the aim with this initiative was to export donkeys to earn foreign exchange.

The farm is the first-ever government-owned facility in the province, where donkeys of good breeds will be bred and taken care of for their export to China and other nations.

The donkey farm was set up at Bahadurnagar Farm, which is spread on an area of 3,000 acres. The manager of the farm, Dr. Mansoor Mubeen, said that the changing economic trends are bringing a revolution in rural areas.

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  • What is fascinating in it? They will kill the poor animal and make collyrium (surma) out of its bones.

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