High Ranking Official of Pakistan Army Martyred After Being Kidnapped in Balochistan: Reports

Colonel Laeeq Baig Mirza

A high ranking official of Pakistan army who was kidnapped in Balochistan couple of days ago along with one other has reportedly been martyred.

According to a Quetta based journalist, Zain, the dead body of Lieutenant Colonel Laeeq Baig Mirza was found near Mangi dam.

Earlier Reports

According to BBC Urdu, the military officer is an official of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Quetta. An official of the Balochistan government confirmed the kidnapping and added that Lieutenant Colonel Laeeq Baig Mirza was kidnapped somewhere between Quetta and Ziarat. He had gone to Ziarat with his family on a vacation.

It is still unclear whether the kidnapped army officer was retired or serving. Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) told BBC Urdu that they will be informed once they have further information about this matter.

Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) Accepts Responsibility

The BLA in a statement claimed that Lt. Colonel Laeeq is in their custody. “Pakistani Army Colonel Laeeq Baig Mirza of 96 L/C (Parental Unit 12 AK) is under custody of Baloch Liberation Army. He was arrested in an intelligence based operation on 12 July by BLA’s special force, STOS,” they said in a statement.

Where was the military official kidnapped?

As per reports, armed men stopped vehicles travelling between Quetta and Ziarat, which included the army official and his family’s car as well. The armed men took Laeeq Baig Mirza with them and left his family behind.

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  • إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَإِنَّ إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ

  • OYE BAY SHARMOON, Bajwa ko pakro ye chootay level key bacharay officers ya spahion ko kun martay ho. Ya gernelon key olad pakro. foji tu bohat shaheed howay hain oper wali command ko koi farq nahi perta.

    • jernailon ki aulaad sab bahar hai dost… before any trachery Generals secure their family.

  • I think their generals want this to happen in every city of Pakistan.

    Traitors are generals who are doing treachery with help of those who are opposing china. But true soldiers have to pay back. sad . very sad
    get rid of bajwa and his cronies before they hurst army more than General Yahya

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