Hijab and Loose Dresses: Faysal Bank’s dress code for female employees criticized for being ‘discriminatory’

Adherence to this dress code is mandatory and applies to regular employees and internees alike.

Earlier this week, Faysal bank’s head office issued an order containing its new dress code, which states that all female employees must wear a  hijab and modest dresses with loose-fitting as ‘it is a cultural requirement’.

According to reports, all the female staff has been advised to:

  • Wear shoes or formal flat heels
  • Dress elegantly with cultural norms that are shalwar kameez, kurta suit, or any modest dressing
  • Show discretion in their selection of makeup and jewelry

It should be noted that all the female employees in the Islamic Banking Group Head Office and Islamic Branches (existing and new) will be required to wear a hijab while on duty, training, and on clients’ visits, as required by Islamic injunction.

Adherence to this dress code is mandatory and applies to regular employees and internees alike. The dress code will also be communicated to new candidates during their interview sessions.

On the other hand, male employees have been directed to wear:

  • Suits or dress trousers, dress shirts
  • Suit jackets (obligatory for VP and above, optional for the rest)
  • Necktie
  • Dress shoes
  • Shalwar kameez with a formal waistcoat or sherwani

Reports state that employees facing customers in branches open on Saturdays shall also follow this code from Monday through Saturday.

Regarding the new dress code, the bank states:

The code of conduct is designed to guide the personal business ethics of all and applies to every employee of Faysal Bank. The bank also plans to bind other persons performing services for it by contract or agreement.

The social media community has condemned it, calling it sexist and gender discriminatory.

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  • If France , Germany , western Europe can ban wearing Burqa & Hijab in their offices then why an Islamic Bank or organisation cant have dress code ? I cant understand why a Muslim Lady worker create fuss for it ? Please dont label it discrimination …Islam never discriminates

  • کتنی افسوس کے بات ہے کہ آج کے دور میں اگر کوئی کِسی عورت کو عزت والا لباس پہننے کو کہتا ہے تو یہ بیغیرت اور بے حیا لوگ کس قدر تنقید کرتے ہیں،
    جو عورتیں گھروں سے باہر کام کرتی ہیں وہ ہمارے لیے باعث فخر ہے اور اُن کی عزت ہم پر واجب ہے ، لعنت ہو ایسے روشن خیال لوگوں پر جو عورت کو عورت کم دل بہلانے کی چیز زیادہ سمجھتے ہیں

  • I don’t understand the psychy of these so called liberals. It is a good initiative by the Faisal bank and I strongly support it. Please leave it to the employees, if they don’t like the dress code they will protest and if they don’t have a problem then who the hell are u to condemn something good. By the way some banks force female not to cover their face and one of my female class fellows told me this who were working in UBL. She used to cover her face but could not do so while on duty. Did these liberals ever protested against it? Double standards.

  • WTF, who are the employers to tells their employees what to wear. If that is the case then male should also be directed to wear shalwar kameez with that long gown and Handkerchief on head with that silly red band.

    • Did you ever complain when most of the west baned Hijab?
      Don’t the banks in Europe have dress codes too?

  • Its Islamic republic of Pakistan not a secular or liberal republic of Pakistan!
    If any institution is promoting Islamic norms,values & laws then a pure Muslim ought to appreciate it?نظام مصطفی ہی ہر مشکل کا حل ہے،لبیک یا رسول الله صلی الله علیہ وآلہ وسلم ?

  • اگر اسلام یا اسلامی لباس سے کسی موم بتی کو تکلیف ہے تو وہ نہ پہنے ترکی ایران اور اور بہت سے مسلم ممالک کے ساتھ ساتھ روس کی سابقہ ریاستوں موجودہ اسلامی سٹیٹس میں بھی یہ ڈریس کوڈ ہے مگر تکلیف ڈلڈو مافیا اور موم بتی مافیا کو پاکستان میں ہی ہوتی ہے

  • Chutoyo

    Tumari auratain pagambir ki biwiyan nahi hain, unko ussi hud tak parda karao jo aam aurat kay liye hukm hain. Hijab or niqab or shuttle cock ka hukum paigambar ki biwiyon kay liye hay.

    • Me live in Norway, here they have dress codes for banks and every govt office. It’s not a big deal.

  • Very good step , the way immodesty has made its place in our society , I hope and wish modesty would set in to . I live in USA and am struggling to live and teach my kids to live as Muslim kids and get amazed by the comments of people of ISLAMIA JAMHORIYA PAKISTAN .

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