HILARIOUS VIDEO: Brett Lee and Morne Morkel react to their poorly-made Bollywood movie

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Bollywood movies are mostly known for their portrayal of unrealistic and bizarre situations which never really happen. Hero dodging bullets hiding behind a cycle, absolute hate turning into love, doosra janam, physics defying action sequences, we have seen it all in Bollywood films.

Did you know once Brett Lee, Morne Morkel and other famous cricket stars  appeared in a Bollywood movie Victory? Well, the makers of the film did manage to rope in some famous cricket stars in what can easily be called one of the worst movies ever made.

Recently, a video of an Australian sports show where Brett Lee and Morne Morkel are invited has become a meme on the internet. In the show, the two cricketers react to their cameos in the film Victory. They show a scene from the film where Brett Lee hits the Indian batsman, played by Harman Baweja, on the helmet.

The Aussie cricketer also says a couple of lines to the Indian batsman. However, Lee revealed that it wasn’t actually his voice but they got some random bloke to do it. Then the hosts also show Morne Morkel bowling a bouncer at the Indian batsman but he revealed it wasn’t planned. According to the Protease pacer, he bowled the bouncer because Graeme Smith promised him a thousand bucks if he hits the actor.

One of the hosts also showed the viewers couple of his favorite bits from the movie. In one of the scenes, former Australian cricketer Stuart Clark bowls and he is played towards the leg side. Wait a minute, here comes the funniest part, Stuart Clark is then shown fielding his own bowl on the boundary rope.

In another scene, Australia is playing India at Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). Brett Lee runs in to bowl and he is smacked for a six but the bowl lands in the Brisbane Cricket Ground, commonly known as the Gabba, which is 915 Kilometres away from the SCG.

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It was revealed that Brett Lee wasn’t paid to play the role. Furthermore, the movie costed a whopping 19 crore Indian rupees but only managed to earn 1 crore at the box office.

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