PML-N Leader Hina Pervaiz Butt moves resolution for including minority heroes in the curriculum

PA also passed the 'Punjab Sikhs Anand Karaj Marriage Act' back in 2018, under which matters of the Sikh community, like marriage, are to be separately regulated.

PML-N leader Hina Pervaiz Butt has moved a resolution for the inclusion of minority heroes in the educational curriculum.

Butt submitted the resolution in the Punjab Assembly and demanded that minority heroes should also be included in the curriculum do that students are also introduced to them.

Minorities in Pakistan

Minorities are a significant part of Pakistan, and according to the country’s constitution, all citizens have equal rights, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Pakistani minorities are representing the country in many fields, and have helped make significant progress.

PA also passed the ‘Punjab Sikhs Anand Karaj Marriage Act’ back in 2018, under which matters of the Sikh community, like marriage, are to be separately regulated.

Pakistan is the only country to have done this so far.

Minorities living in the country are an important pillar that supports it, hence it will only be fair if our educational curriculum increases the visibility of their heroes and history.

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  • صرف عقلیت کے نیصاب میں ۔مسلم نیصاب میں ہرگز نہیں

  • Kiya chahty Hain yeah log inko Sharam Ani cheye Hindu Sikh or yahadeon nasal k logon ko apny Muslim nasab m as hero bnanay ki.. lanat ho tum py Hina Pervaiz butt .. tum log to musalman kehlany k laek b ni

    • You must have very poor upbringing and you must hate Quaid Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah who declared that ,”You are free to go to your churches, temples and mosques “. He made it clear that Pakistan is for all Pakistanis and no minorities shall be suppressed in Pakistan!!! Otherwise, what is the difference between India and Pakistan? Get educated please!!!!!

  • It’s not the act, it’s the intent behind the act. If intent is right then and only then with all due precautions, I don’t think there’s any harm in it. We have to decide who are the hero’s, not anyone who stood against Muslims or who oppressed the Muslims or who tried to defame Muslims

    • A hero is someone who has accomplished something great in any field or someone who did something great for Pakistan. His religion is not important at all!!! A manlike Zia Ul Haq cannot be considered a hero because he destroyed Pakistan. Similarly anyone who is corrupt and stole money from Pakistan cannot be a hero!!

  • Chaye to ye k Hina butt ko lgaye 10 joty aur gina aik jaye Shyd k phr isy thori c aqal aa jaye

    • What a shameful backward mentality you have. Is thsi why Quaid Azam created Pakistan? So that the minorities of Pakistan can be suppressed. No wonder the world does not want to deal with Pakistan. Islam is a minority religion in the world!!

  • No we can’t teach our Muslim children about non-Muslim celebrities . We also must remove from our children’s books non-Muslim scientists work , such as Newton’s laws of motion, Charles Laws etc. These Kafir scientists did not believe that prophet Muhammad PBUH was the last prophet. We don’t want these kafirs names in our children’s text books.

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