‘Shut your mouth and play cricket,’ Hina Pervaiz Butt’s response to Mohammad Hafeez [REACTIONS]

Hina Pervaiz told the cricketer to "concentrate on his cricket".

Hina Pervaiz Butt vs. Mohammad Hafeez – another Twitter dispute in the making?

A few days ago, the Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Hafeez took to Twitter to describe PM Imran Khan’s move to secure a vote of confidence from the parliament as a “masterstroke”.

Here is the original tweet by Mohammad Hafeez:

While many conceded with the cricketer’s tweet, PML-N’s Hina Pervaiz was not impressed at all. Butt lashed out at the Pakistani cricketer and criticized him for what he said on the social platform.

Hina Pervaiz told the cricketer to “concentrate on his cricket”. She said:

Pakistan [cricket] has become a laughing stock around the world for failing to implement coronavirus SOP’s, and now you are supporting a vote thief.

She further tweeted:

It is better if you shut your mouth and play cricket and refrain from commenting on politics.

Here is Hina Pervaiz’s original Twitter reply:

It should be noted that Mohammad Hafeez has not responded to Hina Pervaiz’s tweet yet. People are waiting to see how the cricketer replies to her statements.

However, here’s how the public reacted:

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  • موت کے کنویں کے باہر ناچنے والا کھسرا حنا پرویز بٹ ???????


  • She is a mentally retard, the way she supports pml n shows her mental capacity.
    Everyone has the right to comment on politics , perosnal choices and in what they believe is right or wrong , why is she becoming patrolling police of Noora n company shows that once a darbaraan always a darbaraan ???

  • She must be ashamed of commenting such words. Indeed the filthy grudge has been exposed and eliminated on public platform. Who the hell are you criticize him on his personal point of view. So it’s better to keep quiet and I know you seriously lack the guts for it. That is an hereditary issue in all members of your party.. No regrets…. ???

  • Yeh sb pagal hogye hai patwariii
    Yeh smjh kho baithy hai bolny ki sunny ki daikhny ki.. inki kisi b 2 takky ki hrkt ko serious na lia jyeeeeee

  • ye bat tu thek hai kay vote chor ko mila hai lakin tweet krnay ka triq galat tha

  • کھسرا حنا پرویز بٹ ان ایکشن اس کھسرے کے سرکس کے باہر یا موت کے کنویں کے باہر ناچنے کیُ اہلیت تھی اسکو گشتی فراری نے نون لید کے سرکس کے باہر لید کرنے کو بھرتی کرلیا سب تو یہُ کھسرا میڈیا پر آ کر بھی لید کرتا ہے کھسرا حنا بٹ

  • Very shameful act from Hina, anyone can have rights to say word for politics as they voted them, but i believe you are unethical person on all platform

  • خدا کے لئیے گشتی کو گشتی ہی رہنے دیں کھسرابول کر کھسرابرادری کی توہین نہ کریں

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