Hindu cobbler recovered after video for ransom goes viral [VIDEO]

Mohan Lal, who belongs to the scheduled caste Hindu community, left his home in Daharki on the 8th of May and did not return.

Recently, a ransom video went viral on social media, which showcased a tortured Hindu cobbler. In the video, the kidnappers demanded five million rupees from the cobbler’s family for his safe return home.

Soon the video caught the attention of authorities, and the Sindh Ghotki District police were prompted to take action. The efforts of the police bore fruit on Tuesday as the Hindu cobbler was safely recovered.

Murtaza Wahab, the spokesperson of the Sindh government, confirmed the good news while speaking to a media outlet. He said:

Mohan Lal is back home safe and sound.

Details about the kidnapping of the Hindu cobbler – Mohan Lal

Mohan Lal, who belongs to the scheduled caste Hindu community, left his home in Daharki on the 8th of May and did not return. Soon after, the footage of a badly beaten and bleeding Mohan Lal went viral on social media. In the video, Mohan Lal can be seen sitting on the ground, clothed in a blood-stained shalwar kameez, saying:

I’m Mohan Lal. Please arrange Rs. 50 lac; otherwise, they will kill me.

A hand, seemingly of the man’s abductor, appears in the video frame and beats the Hindu cobbler up more. The voice of a man speaking Sindhi is then heard saying:

To whom are you appealing for ransom. Ask your brother.

A whimpering Mohan Lal then pleads to his family for help, urging them to arrange the ransom amount as soon as possible.

The Hindu cobbler’s abductors can then be seen hitting him repeatedly with a stick and saying:

Ask your family to share the video as much as they can. Whoever is watching the video also forward it, so they can arrange the money.

Here is the disturbing ransom video:

Mohan Lal returns home safely

As soon as the video was posted online, it garnered attention on social media. Many people shared the video and demanded the government to come to the Hindu cobbler’s rescue. Mohan Lal’s family also appealed to the Sindh Chief Minister, Sindh IGP, and other relevant authorities for his recovery. While speaking to a media outlet, the Hindu cobbler’s daughter said:

We don’t have Rs. 50 in the house to buy ration. How can we afford to pay Rs. 50 lacs ransom?

The video soon captured the attention of the authorities. Sindh Ghotki District police acted promptly, carrying out a successful search and operation to recover the victim.

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    • Kahin aur crimes nhi hoty? Jahil insan tum kis soobay se ho btao mein whn ka tmhy btata hun.

      • Crime is crime no matter where it hapened but you crying seems like you are the one who kidnap this poor guy for money.

  • Oh Allah Rehm ker is per and pls Government do some thing to release this poor guy.

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