Hindu Community Holds Special ”Puja” For Progress Of Pakistan

As a part of the new year celebrations in Karachi, Pakistan’s Hindu community arranged special ”puja” to pray for progress and prosperity of Pakistan. The dedicated prayers were arranged on Friday in Karachi, and respected members of the Hindu community took part in it.

Participants of the prayers also showed satisfaction and said that they are enjoying their rights in Pakistan and want the country to succeed in all spheres.

”We are enjoying basic facilities of life at our doorsteps, besides protection of our lives and properties … we are happily living in Pakistan.” – they expressed as reported by a local news source. 

As part of the new year celebrations, the community arranged special “Satyanarayan Puja” to pray for security and progress of Pakistan throughout 2019. They added that they have never felt insecure performing their rituals in Pakistan, despite being a Muslim majority country and the negative image is being propagated by the neighbouring country for invested interests.

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The attendees added that the propaganda that ”minorities are not safe in Pakistan” has no truth in it as they have never faced any discrimination. Showing confidence on Imran Khan and PTI-led incumbent government, they hoped to see a new dawn for Pakistan – filled with progress, love and equality for everyone.

“We have high hopes from this government that they will do good for our community.” – they said. 

Imran Khan government has taken some significant steps for the welfare of the Hindu community, which speaks for the elevated confidence in his government. With inaugurating the groundbreaking Kartarpur corridor, the government also declared historic Hindu temple as National Heritage and ordered urgent reconstruction, while also passing the Hindu marriage bill, granting the right of turning to courts for assistance in marital affairs.

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