Hindu Religious Idols Mocked At University Festival, Minority Demands Justice

While the Pakistani minorities are suffocated and choked in the atmosphere of hostility and religious intolerance, ranging from mob culture to fake blasphemy accusations, the followers of the ‘majority’ religion fail to.

The incident that reflects our intolerance and lack of gratitude towards others happened in Sindh University. A member of Hindu community Jaint Kumar, in his detailed Facebook post, voiced his concerns and reservations being a member of religion considered minority in Pakitan.

At a food festival at Sindh University, hosted by the English department, students dressed up sacred religious idols and mocked them. He added that one of his friends, who is also a Hindu, was there witnessing. But even with his hurt religious sentiments, he found himself to be powerless to do anything because he belonged to the minority.

”Typing this with eyes full of tears, SPEECHLESS. Today @Sindh university, there was food festival hosted by the students of English department, where they made fun of Hinduism, making fun of proceedings of pooja, and of our worship, shouting our religious sayings patheticly. Two of the students disguised themselves into ‘Lord Shiva and Krishna’, they were dancing weirdly and doing and all the non-serious stuff, other students were taking selfies, the students were shouting the slogans of our religion in an unethical manner. Deeply saddened to see this in one of the leading educational institution. I saw some snaps and they were hella annoying and messing my mind, I can’t even explain that, but it crossed limits.” – he wrote. 

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He added that only Rs 10 was charged to watch this ”ugly” drama. Jaint requested VC of Sindh University Fattah Muhammed Burfat to take concrete action against the students involved in this offensive activity. He also touched the issue of how the religion was mocked in recent India vs Pakistan internet war, hurting the religious feelings of their own people and forced conversions. He said that recently a girl has been kidnapped as the issue of forced conversions remain an acute challenge for minorities in Sindh.

”Dear Sindh Government, this act is against the law of Sindh Child Marriages Restraint Act 2013, please implement on this law, minorities, they can’t neither they have left their religion by their own, there are the people who forced them to do it, who are pathetically inhuman and know no respect for love, peace and religion.”

He concluded by asking for urgent and tactile action against the culprits, as minorities are an equal part of this country.

Here is the Facebook post:

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