Hira Mani Criticized For PDA In Masks Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

The lack of responsibility from her is quite disappointing.

Hira Mani has recently been the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. In many instances, she has been spotted making jokes about the serious coronavirus outbreak.

After returning from the United States, Hira, and her husband, Mani took the coronavirus test and it came out negative. To share the good news with her fans, she uploaded a picture with her husband being close and wearing masks.

The reaction wasn’t quite one they’d be expecting. Fans heavily criticized her, saying that this is not the time for romantic pictures.


This isn’t the first time Hira has done something like this, previously she called Americans ‘cowards’ for practicing social isolation. The actress even sang ‘Corona Mujhay Na Hona’ on piano.

The lack of responsibility from her is quite disappointing. Hira has quite the following, she should use that to spread awareness amongst the mass about COVID-19 outbreak. But, it seems that she is too busy making fun of a virus that has been killing thousands across the globe and continues to affect more people.

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