Clip of Hira Mani telling how she stole Mani’s number from friend’s phone goes viral – again!

Hira Mani's story is floating on social media once again.

Hira Mani, one of the most widely followed celebrities in Pakistan, has been in hot waters in the past because of her story about how she met her husband Mani. Firstly sharing her story in Samina Pirzada’s show Heart to Heart with Samina Peerzada, Hira shared that she met Mani through a friend. She went on to say that he was dating her friend at that time but she stole his number from her phone.

Hira met a lot of criticism for not only endorsing cheating but also her condescending tone for women in general. However, another clip of Hira has surfaced on the internet again, where she is telling how they met, while also laughing it off.

In an episode of ‘Eid ki Khushiyon main Bol’ last year, Hira told the story again. She said that she never met that friend afterward. She added that she threatened Mani that if he won’t marry her, she will commit suicide.

The clip was shared by social media activist and women rights advocate Khadija Abbas. 

”Let’s romanticize cheating. Let’s laugh at breaking someone’s heart and snatching their loved one. Let’s break the Sister code. Cheating bari pyari cheez hai. Apni behen jesi dost ki mohabbat dhokay se cheen kar uska mazaak banana samjho. Kisi ko maut ki dhamki dey kar khud se shadi karnay pe majboor karna samjho. Cheater ko bhi tou samjho. Cheater aur boyfriend snatcher friend bari pyari cheez hai”, Khadija captioned the clip.

Here is how the people reacted to it:

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  • As all what happened in Hira’s life, actually all is written in her fate.
    And 2ndly without interest of Mr Mani, this was not possible. And if Mani didn’t love Hira, then now both are not living a happy life.
    Lastly the tragedy which Hira’s friend faced, it is also her fate. Mani was not made a partner for her.
    So every1 should be thankful to God, whatever he or she got.
    This is not a story to tell every 1 on screen. Try to hide such type of actions or aspects of life, which become shameful for you in future and for your children As well.

    • Appreciated, but you need to know that it’s the trap of hira Mani to get the fame.

  • She has not broken the code of friendship only but lost all kind of respect too

  • How cheap she is, always she show her cheapness when she talks No regrets to her friend and fiance she is shameless.

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