Honda Pakistan announces special discounts on all its models

The notification also highlighted that the offer was for a limited period, from 1st to 30th September 2019.


In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Honda Pakistan has announced discounts on all its models, for a limited time from 1st September to 30th September.

As a token of gratification, Honda has launched this special officer so their customers can purchase their favorite models at a lesser rate. A notification has been dispatched by Honda Pakistan to all authorized Honda dealerships across Pakistan.

A circular has been issued by the automobile giant, thanking all Honda authorized dealerships for their help in promoting the Japanese car brand, hence contributing largely to all its success across Pakistan. The special officer includes a number of additional points, like increased warranty periods, etc.

As per the issued notification, the warranty period has been increased to three years on Honda Civic 1.5L RS Turbo Model. Meanwhile, the 1.8L model of Honda Civic is being offered with an additional three-year warranty, totally free of cost.

Honda City, another one of their popular product, comes with a free navigation system, with both the 1.3L and 1.5L manual and automatic models of the automobile. Honda City’s 1.5L Aspire is available with a free modulo, excluding a trunk spoiler.
Similarly, Honda BR-V is available with extended variety for the third year.

Limited time offer:

The notification also highlighted that the offer was for a limited period, from 1st to 30th September 2019. Customers can purchase vehicles, with these exclusive offers, from any authorized Honda dealerships.

In the official statement, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan said that the motive behind these discounts is to accelerate orders, balance the payment flow and give customers options with worth and value.

HACPL (Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan) has asked the dealerships to advertise this offer to attract maximum customers.

Sales in car have experienced quite a downfall after the devaluation of rupee against US dollar. In order to keep Honda’s market share and relationship with customers maintained, HACPL has come up with this deal so they can increase sales and renew the brand’s loyalty.

After the government’s decision to impose FED (Federal Excise Duty) on cars, the demand for automobile has come down drastically. As per a press release, it is mandatory for Honda to balance the market shares and give customers what they desire, and match the cost with their expectations.


  • As a nation, one big cartel that we need to tackle is the so called local car manufacturers. In the name of supporting local industry, we are forced to put up with some of the worst quality of manufacturing in the whole world. e.g. honda pakistan manufacturing quality, offer of options in cars etc. is no match to what honda in other countries offer. Same goes for other manufacturers.

    And when they hear of any foreign assembled car coming to pakistan, they get the shits because of an open expose of their sub-standard manufacturing with exorbitant pricing.

    I hope  some literally local brands rise to the occasion and beat these suzuki, toyota, honda cartels hitting them hard where it hurts.

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