Honoring Pakistani healthcare workers who lost their lives on the front lines of COVID-19 pandemic

At least 17 healthcare workers have died from the coronavirus in the country, while over 1900 have contracted the virus.

While most Pakistanis are confined to their homes, Medical professionals continue to live on the front lines of the coronavirus epidemic.

At least 17 doctors, nurses and paramedic staff have died from the coronavirus in the country, while over 1900 have contracted the virus.

Today we are honoring the Pakistani healthcare workers who lost their lives while working on the front lines.



Name: Abdul Qadir Soomro


Dr. Abdul Qadir Somroo became the first health worker to succumb to the deadly coronavirus in Sindh. He contracted the disease while treating his patients.




Name: Furqan-ul-Haq


Dr. Haq, the cardiologist who had recently retired from the KIHD, died after contracting the virus in May. He had also been associated with two private health facilities.


Name: Noshad

City: Hyderabad

Dr. Naushad Hussain died of the disease after working with the suspected coronavirus patients at Hilal-e-Ahmer Hospital in Hyderabad.




Name: Muhammad Saleen

Occupation: Doctor

City: Lahore



Name: Naeem Akhter

City: Gujranwala

Dr. Naeem Akhtar was working as a psychologist at the Social Security Hospital in Lahore and was being treated at Services Hospital. PMA Gujranwala observed Black Day expressing grief over the death of the senior doctor.




Name: Rabia Tayyab

City: Rawalpindi

Dr. Rabia Tayyab hailed from Gujjar Khan in Rawalpindi. She graduated from the Quaid-i-Azam Medical College in Bahawalpur and was due to start her house job from May 1.




Name: Sana Fatima

City: Lahore

Dr Sana Fatima was treating Covid-19 patients at Fatima Memorial Hospital.She was admitted to Doctors Hospital and Medical Centre on May the 20th after testing positive for the virus.




Name: Muhammad Saleen

Occupation: MBBS Student

City: Lahore

Salman Tahir, an MBBS fourth year student of a private medical college in Lahore was admitted due to high fever, but he died in the ICU within 24 hours.



Name: Syed Nasir Ali

City: Faisalabad

Dr. Syed Nasir Ali succumbed to the virus after falling ill for three days. He was running a private medical clinic in Faisalabad.




Name: Sadaf Jameel

City: Gujrat

Staff Nurse Sadaf Jameel was serving the corona patients in the isolation ward at the Gujrat hospital when her condition started to worsen, and she was put on a ventilator.



Name: Rubina

Occupation: Staff Nurse

Area: Punjab




Name: Delawar Khan

Occupation: Dispenser

City: Quetta




Name: Haji Munawar Khan

Occupation: Dispenser

City: Quetta



Name: Naeem Agha

Occupation: Doctor

City: Quetta

Dr. Naeem Agha was the first doctor in Balochistan to have succumbed to the coronavirus after being infected with it.




Name: Aslam Mengal

Occupation: Doctor

City: Quetta




Name: Zubair Ahmad

City: Quetta

Dr. Zubair Ahmed Khan was the Trauma Centre In-charge of the Bolan Medical Complex Quetta. Khan was the second doctor to have died of the virus.




Name: Khanzada Shinwari

City: Hangu

Dr. Khanzada Shinwari was working in Shifa Medical Center Hangu. He died of Covid-19 at the Khyber Teaching Hospital.



Name: Muhammad Javed

City: Peshawar

Dr. Mohammad Javed was an ENT specialist and had been working inside the Covid-19 ward of the Peshawar Hayatabad Medical Complex. He was on the front lines to fight the virus.

Name: Usman

City: Gilgit Baltistan

Dr. Usama Riaz was the country’s first medic to die after contracting the novel coronavirus while treating the COVID-19 patients. He was treating the patients who recently returned from Iraq and Iran.


Name: Mussarat Dibar

Occupation: Nurse

Area: KPK





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