Honour Killing: Man Kills Two Nieces Because They Were Raped By Landlord

Pakistani society, cursed with patriarchy and orthodox values, is the 6th worst country when it comes to treating its women. In male-dominated societies where women are treated as an agency of men, the worst human rights abuses are displayed, treating them like a lesser significant gender. 

It is shameful that when the rest of the world is talking about the glass ceiling and wage gap, the women of this poverty-stricken and illiteracy-plagued country are still fighting for their basic right to life.

In an appalling act of pure ignorance, brutality and shame – an uncle has murdered two of his nieces for getting RAPED. You heard that right. The women were killed for being the victim of this brutality.

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In a bone-chilling case of honour killing, in Jamaluddin Wali area of Sadiqabad, two sisters named Naheed and Bisma were abducted by the influential landlord and raped them. The girls were released on the night they were killed.

“The accused released them on Sunday night” – the father of the ill-fated sisters said expressing his helplessness to a local news source. 

The victim sisters reached home after being subjected to the worst abuse. The relatives were gathered at their place and the uncle of the girls killed bother sisters to ‘restore’ his honour.


The police has lodged the complaint and has arrested three suspects responsible for the horrifying incident. The dead bodies of the girls were shifted to Sadiqabad hospital for autopsy. 

Pakistan has failed to free itself from the curse of honour killing. According to HRCP (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan), the country has seen 650 cases of killing in the name of honour. HRCP indicates that the number is likely to be much higher, but the majority of these cases go unreported as they occur in remote areas. 

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