Hopeless For His Life, Pakistani Hockey Legend Looks Towards India For Heart Transplant

Pakistan, unfortunately, has a shameful history in honouring its heroes. The ones who have served the nation with passion and dedication for years, unfortunately when they look towards us for support, we turn a blind eye.
One of those whom the nation owed a lot but failed to deliver anything is Mansoor Ahmed, Pakistan’s World Cup winning field hockey goalkeeper. The hockey legend brought countless chances for the country where we could hold our heads high with pride, but now is looking towards our popular sporting rivals, India, for aiding his heart transplant.

Source: News Pakistan

Ahmed has been facing cardiovascular complications for quite a time and his situation seems to be deteriorating now. He said that Indian visa can be life-saving for him. He added that humanity is paramount, and he is hopeful and will be thankful if India could support his treatment.
Talking to AFP, he said:
“I may have broken a lot of Indian hearts on the field of play by beating India in the Indira Gandhi Cup (1989) and in other events but that was a sport. Now I need a heart transplant in India and for that, I need support from the Indian government.” (Source: Express Tribune)

Source: AFP
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Ahmed added that the tensions between both the countries have escalated and he recognizes that, but sports has always acted as a liaison between people from both sides of the border to connect.
Ahmed has represented Pakistan on numerous significant occasions and has been one of the most celebrated sportsmen in India as well.


He played 338 international matches and represented the country in three Olympics. He has taken part in several high-profile events in his 14-year long career (1986 to 2000) and has stunned the audience with his iconic performance.

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