In A Horrific Case Of Honor Killing, Girl And Her Fiance Murdered For Talking To Each Other Before Marriage

Honour killing, or in other words cold blood murder is a horrible reality of Pakistan that we cannot turn our face away from. According to HRCP (Human Rights Commision Pakistan) report, in the past decade, the number of honor killings has risen up to 650 per year, which is clearly daunting.  It doesn’t accurately reflect the correct situation as most of these cases go unreported due to societal stigmatization or the reason that most of these murders are committed by closely related family members.

The victims are usually female students, working women, and free-will marriage cases. Although there is no place of killing in the name of honor in religion and state laws, still no action against the culprits or the affected family’s hesitance to pursue any formal case are few of the many contributing factors that these cases don’t seem to decrease anytime soon.

In a horrific incident of similar nature, a girl and her fiance were gunned down in Sindh for talking to each other before marriage. As reported by Express Tribune, the girl Nazeeran Bibi was talking to her husband-to-be named Shahid in  Nayi Wahi in suburbs of Ghotki. They were seen by girl’s maternal uncle and he opened fire on the engaged couple, killing them both past Thursday.

Source: FILE

Nazeeran and Shahid were each other’s cousin as well and the incident has been confirmed as a case of honor killing. The bodies were handed over to the family and two suspects, both of them are the girl’s uncles, are arrested as well. The detailed investigation of the murder is still underway.

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