Horrifying car accident occurs at Motorway near Bhera due to a Honda Civic malfunction [PICTURES]

A video has been going viral on social media.


The wide clean motorway is considered as one of the safest and most convenient means of traveling from one city to another in Pakistan. The smooth structure of this road enables people to travel at high speed while enjoying a smooth flow of traffic. However, this safest road has often made headlines for the most horrific and fatal accidents.


Details of a recent horrifying motorway accident

Recently, one such accident took place on the motorway near Bhera, Sargodha. A video has been going viral on social media showing a 10th generation Honda Civic being ripped apart in a terrible and horrid motorway accident. Reports state that the car driver only sustained a few minor injuries and has survived to recount the harrowing experience.

Watch the horrible aftermath of the accident here:

The injured driver explained how the accident occurred in a WhatsApp voice note. He stated:

I had configured the vehicle’s cruise control at 125 kph. As I pressed down on the brake and disengaged the cruise control near the Bhera interchange, the system locked up for unknown reasons, causing the vehicle to lose control at high speed.

The survivor continued to explain:

The vehicle toppled and flipped about ten times before it hit a tree from the middle and split in half. The rear half was left on the road, and the front half, in which I was sitting, ended up on the roadside while the roof was sent flying into the oncoming traffic lane.

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Doubts flooding the minds of car enthusiasts

Ever since the details of the dreadful motorway accident went viral, car enthusiasts have been in a frenzy. Several people have taken to social media to criticize Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL) for manufacturing faulty cars. 

While the public is criticizing the car manufacturer, it hasn’t been proven who is at the fault of the car crash. However, it should be noted that neither the government nor the carmaker has yet issued a response to the horrid motorway accident.

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  • Its a made up story by the driver , nothing like this has ever happened to a honda civic in pakistan or anywhere in the world.

  • yes, the control systems don’t work like this. Nobody has complaint about it before. It is just a made up story to claim insurance.

  • Won’t be surprised to know that if for cost saving Pakistani car manufacturers are using faulty wiring harnesses.

  • I want someone to explain to me or any other person what cruise control has to do with the steering. The only thing I can think right now is that this car was supposed to be a collectors piece because I suppose this is the first car in the world that the accelerator works with the steering that when U press the brake to decelerate then then the accelerator gets cross and jump out from under your foot and turns the steering wheel making the car go out of control. Even if there is a harness problem U are braking and holding the steering with both hands, pressing the brake slows the vehicle down and holding the steering gives U control. We forget that this is a mechanical thing with no brains because we are the brain and we have to control it and not the other way around.

    • The driver might have made a story but on pressing the brake first thing that should happen is cruise control should disengage

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