Horror & Fear | Surgeon claims that China is harvesting organs of Uighur Muslims in concentration camps

A surgeon has revealed that live organs of Uighur Muslims are harvested from the concentration camps and sold for over $160,000. 

The shocking claims, exposing more of China’s brutality against its shrinking Uighur Muslim population, have further risen the rights concerns.  CJ Werlemen, an independent journalist, has recently conducted an interview with a surgeon with Uighur Muslims, who revealed China has been harvesting live organs from executed Uyghur prisoners being held in concentration camps in Xinjiang province.

According to surgeon Enver Tohti,  organ harvesting in China has been an ongoing practice for over 20 years. However, it is a lot more systematic and widespread in the Muslim majority province of Xinjiang (also called Occupied East Turkestan). Tohti himself once unwittingly took part in one of these horrific operations and is now spending his in exile.

“I was called by my chief surgeon to go to a room near the Urumqi execution grounds to remove the liver and two kidneys from an executed prisoner,” – Enver said, recalling what happened. 

“It turned out he wasn’t fully dead because they [Chinese execution squad] shot him through the right chest [intentionally] to knock him out [without killing him], so I would have time to remove his organs” – he revealed.

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Tohti says that the detainees, whose organs are taken out, are not fully killed. They are kept alive for a short amount of time so that their organs can be taken out. He said he was further ordered by the authorities not to administer anaesthesia on the detainee when he performed the procedure.

“I told my chief surgeon he wasn’t dead but he ordered me to remove the man’s liver and kidneys there and then – and to be quick about it. I was ordered not to give the man any anaesthetic,” – the exiled surgeon revealed during an interview with the UK Daily Record back 2013. 

In his interview with Radio Free Asia last month. Tohti also made some revelations about the potential market of these live organs. The main customers of China’s grotesque organ harvesting business are from Saudi Arabia. He said that the recipients are in need of organs, and that authorities market and advertise the harvested organs as ‘halal’ even though the illegal practice is completely forbidden in Islam.

“A total of 220 Saudis bought organs for transplants from markets in Pakistan, China and Egypt in 2013 and 190 did the same in 2012 at their own personal expense,” Shaheen said, adding that “this is how the doctors discovered that the citizens bought organs from the black market and illegally got them transplanted and later informed the centre.” – said Dr Faisal Shaheen of the Saudi Centre for Organ Transplants has said, in an article written in the Arabian Business

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