Horrors Of Feudalism: Woman In Okara Accuses Landlords Of Raping, Shaving Her Head


Pakistan has been breathing with great struggle in the shackles of feudalistic lords. Landlord elites have touched the lowest levels of humanity to maintain the stronghold they have built over the course of decades.

This woman, crying helplessly with her head shaved painfully but accurately depicts the horrors and exploitation the lesser fortunate experience at the hands of the elite.
This woman from Mian Khan Chorasta area, district Depalpur in Okara took to social media begging for justice. The influential landlords kidnapped her and subjected her to worst physical and sexual abuse after her husband, who previously worked for the culprits, decided to quit the job due to minimal pay.

After the incident made it to mainstream media, the woman told that she was kidnapped by influential people named Gulzar, Ghaffar and Zubair and took her to dera of Faiz Ahmed Wattoo, where she was repeatedly raped for 7 days and then her head was shaved to teach her husband a ‘lesson’

“I was taken to the dera of Faiz Ahmed Watto in Ameen Kot where I was raped for 7-days until I managed to flee. They shaved my head too. My medical report was presented in front of the magistrate and my statement was recorded under section 161-164. However, the police failed to arrest the culprits and are pressuring us to reach an agreement’’ – she said.

She said that no arrests were made and even after the First Information Report (FIR). Helpless, she urged PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) and Chief and Army Staff (COAS) to take notice of her plight.

Police Investigation Officer Rana Umer Hayat however said that no arrests have been made yet because they are still awaiting DNA test report. He also said the at case looks ‘ingenuine’ and engineered.

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