House-help In Quetta Murders 3-Year-Old Boy, Stuffs Body In Washing Machine

The Police are still carrying out raids to find the maid's niece, who is still at large. 

A disturbing development has shaken the city of Quetta, Balochistan, where a three-year-old boy was stuffed in a washing machine by his maid while the parents were away.

The gut-wrenching incident took place near Quetta’s Lehri gate where the maid along with her niece gathered all the valuables at the place where she was working and then opted to silence the crying kid by strangling him and putting him in the washing machine. The maid initially refused to take up the blame that was registered on her via the parents of the deceased.

However, thorough investigations and extension of remand made the maid confess to the barbaric crime after about almost 2 weeks.

While explaining the events, the maid said that she took out clothes and jewelry from the cupboard, and then put them in a bag.

“At that time, the child, Saad Shah, was playing with a tablet while sitting on the bed. When I snatched the tablet from his head, he started crying”, she added that she didn’t intend on killing the kid but he wouldn’t stop crying.

“I just got angry and strangled him”. The maid said she threw the kid in the washing machine filled with soap water and tried to run away but were chased by the boy’s relatives and other residents of the locality. Then, the two ditched the bag full of valuables and decided to flee.

The housemaid was hiding in her hometown, Lehri, after the child’s murder. The authorities contacted her through her relatives and called her to Quetta. There, she was taken into custody near Kolpur, while returning to the provincial capital.

The Police are still carrying out raids to find the maid’s niece, who is still at large.

The more pressing matter in this ordeal is the fact that no non-governmental organizations have any clear cut data available on abuse and violence on minors in the province. It is a sad reality that for the purpose of check and balance, violence against minors is either not registered or not being recorded at all.

The psychological aspect of this is more important than the criminal charges being highlighted.

The victim must not only be punished for the crime but should also be sent for counseling and rehabilitation in order to counter the ripple effect this action will leave on individuals with the same mindset.

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