Governor SBP Informs PM About Progress On Naya Pakistan Housing Loan Disbursements

An awareness drive for the middle-class and the poor has also been launched

housing loans
The Governor SBP, Raza Baqir, notifies Prime Minister Imran Khan about housing loan disbursements.

The State Bank and all the commercial banks of Pakistan have constituted a steering committee to regularly review modalities for disbursement of loans to the housing sector.

In a weekly meeting of the NCC on Housing and Construction, the Governor SBP, Dr. Reza Baqir, informed Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding the latest development. The governor announced that disbursement of loans for houses’ construction has begun from 7,700 branches of commercial banks.

The heads of commercial banks as special invitees attended the meeting.

The meeting was notified that commercial banks have already received plenty of applications for loans. The SBP has launched a complaint redressal portal, wherein applicants can register their problems in obtaining loans.

The PM has acknowledged the cooperation of commercial banks for the promotion of the housing sector. Khan stated that for the first time in Pakistan’s history, the commercial banks have started providing loans to the poor to construct their houses.

The premier termed the construction sector’s promotion to provide a home to the poor as national service.

The commercial banks’ representatives have guaranteed their full support to the government in the construction sector.

The Chairman Lahore Development Authority, Ahmad Aziz Tarar, informed the meeting about the LDA city Naya Pakistan Housing Apartments, Lahore. He said that 35,000 housing units would be constructed under the project, with most of them allocated for the middle-class and poor people.

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  • ابھی تک بینک والے کوئ نہ کوئ بہانہ بنا کر صرف ٹال رھے ھاں یہ ھو سکتا ھے کہ اپنےمن پسند کو نوازا جا رھا ھو عام پبلک سے تو یہ درخواست نہیں لیتے

  • Kaptaan must put good people in charge because this is when scams take place. It must have regular audits and all beneficiaries must be publicly known

  • Yeh scheme tou kahin se bhi ghareeboon k liye nahi lag rahi. Aik ghareeb aadmi kahan se 5 se 6 lakh ka khud se intazam kare.

  • This is just a lollipop, banks are just doing formalities and in reality are not processing applications as to give loan but rejecting on minor issues, I have submitted my application two times and bank refuses to grant without any issue even I have paid 5800 processing fee. Big gap of what government is saying and what banks are doing.

  • He sub jhot hy. Sharait etny sakhat hy k keo b aam Pakistani es say faida nahi otha Santa hy. Mai 4 banks may gaya hn. UBL walo ny kaha k 9000 kuch rupy processing fees Deni pady GI. Sub jhot hy……

  • Ma punjab bank ubl askri or mezeen bank jaha b ga sb na alag alag rul baty… jaha b jao ni hm n da skte koi kahta h 50 hazr salary ho koi kahta h 60 hazr koi kahta h apko mila ga ni ni.. koi kahta hn ke abi hmy pta hi ni

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