How a COVID-19 patient in Jhelum infected 14 other locals

The virus has spread to 21 districts of Punjab so far.

A man who tested positive for the coronavirus infected 14 people in Jhelum. This is an example of how carelessly patients carrying the virus are being handled.

Despite the enforcement of a complete lockdown in Jhelum, the mishandling of bodies infected with the virus remains a source of concern. Due to the carelessness of the health department and administration, an entire village was sealed in the district. Officials feared that the area could become a new cluster for COVID-19 patients.

News sources reported that the social distancing rule was overlooked during the funeral of Captain (retd) Shahida Bibi, a COVID-19 patient. Officials traced all those who had attended the funeral and forced them all to a quarantine center in Sohawa. The village was later sealed while residents were also screened.

Around 45 new patients tested positive for the virus in Punjab, currently, there are 638 confirmed cases all over the province. The virus has spread to 21 districts of Punjab so far.

“The man who infected 14 people had arrived from abroad and the health teams acted immediately to isolate his contacts for investigation,” said Primary & Secondary Healthcare Secretary Retd. Capt Usman.

He said something similar happened in Gujrat as well, where one patient infected numerous patients.

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