ICC World Cup Scenarios: How can Pakistan make it to semi-finals?

Pakistan’s win over South Africa at Lord’s on Sunday has once again breathed life in hopes of reaching the Semi-finals, but how is it possible?


While Pakistan’s performance in International Cricket World Cup 2019 has been quite disappointing, the occasional unpredictability has again breathed life in hopes of reaching the Semi-finals. After Pakistan’s glorious win over South Africa in Lord’s this Sunday, SA becomes the second team to officially get knocked out of the tournament following Afghanistan.

While we are already exhausted about struggling fans drawing several comparisons between the 1992 World Cup, holding on to the last strings, Pakistan must win all remaining games to make it to the Semi-finals. Pakistan has three upcoming matches and with not even an ounce of space for a mistake, if we manage to defeat New Zealand, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, we will end up with 11 points.

However, this is not it!

This is how the points table looks after Pakistan’s victory against South Africa at Lord’s on June 23, 2019. Photo: Cricket World Cup Twitter.


With hoping and praying that Pakistan wins all three matches, we also need to be concerned about the outcomes of matches played by England. Because apart from us winning the upcoming battles, England needs to lose of theirs as well to ease our way to the Semi-finals.

With England, we need to be a little worried about Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, who NEED to lose one match each as well. England has upcoming matches against India, New Zealand and Australia. All three of these teams have lived up to the hype, contrary to the hosts.

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Even if England win one of these matches, the chances of them making to the semi-finals are grim. If Sri Lanka wins all three matches, they will end up with 12 points and overtake England.

If England loses all three games, they can still qualify if:
  • Sri Lanka loses all its matches.
  • Pakistan and Bangladesh lose at least two of their remaining matches.
  • West Indies loses one of their matches.
Pakistan needs Bangladesh to lose at least one match:

Pakistan needs Bangladesh to lose at least one match, and Pakistan needs to win all, including the one from Bangladesh.

To land in Semi-finals, Bangladesh needs to:

  • Win all the remaining matches.
  • Sri Lanka will lose all their remaining matches.
  • England does not win not more than one.

However, it is a smooth journey for India, New Zealand, and Australia. All three have performed exceptionally well in the tournament so far.

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