How can we play our part in tackling ongoing economic crisis?

'Made in Pakistan' and 'be Pakistani, buy Pakistani' trends on Twitter.

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“Made In Pakistan” Trends On Social Media


Dollar selling (boycott) campaign may not prove effective, as common people don’t have. Such a campaign will only benefit mafia who are exploiting this opportunity. A more effective way to deal with the economic crisis is to take the following measures:

How can we play our part in the prevalent economic crisis?

Top 10 exports of Pakistan


Following measures are being proposed by people following Turks looking up to the measures they adopted during Turkey-US crisis.  

1) reduce your travel by any motor vehicle to a minimum level (we are currently paying US$ 17 billion annually on the import of petrol products). If you reduce your motor travel by just 10km/day, you will gift Pakistan by saving a minimum of US$300 in a year.

2) reduce the frequency of buying new phones (last year we paid US$ 1.3 billion for importing mobile phones).

3) delay your decision to purchase a new car (last year we spent US$ 2.6 billion on the import of cars).

4) reduce the number of daily tea intakes.

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5) reduce the use of edible oil and related products (last year we paid US$ 8 billion – US$ 2 billion for palm oil, US$ 2.8 billion for organic chemicals, US$ 2.1 billion for animal/vegetable fats, oils, waxes and US$ 1 for soya beans).

6) reduce the use of branded products and opt out for made in Pakistan instead.

7) reduce electricity consumption – gradually shift to solar

8) reduce wastages during and after Ramazan.

9) reduce foreign travels – you might know that this year in Ramazan the largest number of people who are visiting the Holy Places are from Pakistan.

10) teach your kids to earn online.

Your action on any of the above measure will reduce the demand of dollar and will ease out the situation. Besides, it will strengthen our own economy.


Made in Pakistan trends:


In a bid to promote the domestic market and our own products, Pakistanis support ‘be Pakistani, buy Pakistani’ trend.

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