How Canada dealt with a Hindu extremist quickly and swiftly

"What's next? Separate lanes for camel & goat riders, allowing slaughter of animals at home in the name of sacrifice,"- Ravi Hooda

How Canada dealt with a Hindu extremist quickly and swiftly

Canada- the Peel District School Board has removed one of its school council chairs named Ravi Hooda for a “disturbing, Islamophobic tweet”.

Last week, many Toronto-area municipalities allowed local mosques consent to broadcast the azan over speakers at sunset every day during Ramadan. The move was a welcome one to many in light of the coronavirus pandemic that has made the congregation for prayer impossible.

In an official tweet, the mayor of Brampton, Patrick Brown, allowed the Muslim community to broadcast the azan during Ramadan.

While responding to Brown’s tweet, Hooda made derogatory comments against the Muslim community.

Hindu extremist

After Hooda’s tweet, the board tweeted that he was being removed from his role as a school council chair and will no longer be permitted to participate on the council “in any other capacity.”

In a letter posted online, the Principal of the Macville School, Robin Perri, wrote, “Today, we were informed about a disturbing, Islamophobic tweet that was written and shared by a member of our parent community. We instantly investigated the matter.”

Perri added, “I would like to clarify that Hooda’s opinions in no way reflect the values of the Macville Public School community. Hateful Remarks like these are upsetting and painful, and are not acceptable.”

Hooda’s tweet also provoked comment from a company named Remax Canada, which tweeted that it “does not promote these views” and is “addressing this issue.”

“We do not support the views of Mr. Hooda. We can confirm that he has been fired and is no longer associated with REMAX,” the company tweeted.

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  • This racist idiot’s “immigration consultant” license should also be revoked.

  • Fortunately…in the middle east…UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, particular, actions already initiated. Spreading Islamophobia by Modi Bhakts…will not entertained anymore.

  • This is how a civil, first world countries respond to hate mongers. Completely shut him down

  • Very good decision, which is highly appreciated in this multi national country.

  • Hooda has been booted out…..Well dine Canadians. Look at him. How arrogant he is being an Indian.

  • It’s funny how first the post showed an Ahmadiyya mosque. And then going to the article you chose to change the picture of the mosque. You are doing the same as Me. Hooda, yet you don’t scrutinize yourself for it. Good for you!

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