How ‘credible’ journalists scandalized Imran Khan’s Umrah

Imran Khan's recent visit to Makka followed by Umrah was scandalized by people and credible media faces after images of first lady's ex-husband's 'look alike' made rounds online.


Another day, another low in Pakistani politics. Unfortunately, national politics has seen a shameful trend of personal attacks, character assassination and criticism on things only with the sole intention to slander image.

Following the painfully awful Twitter trends character assassinating Maryam Nawaz, misogynist remarks about Firdous Ashiq Awan and personal attacks on Bilawal, PM Imran Khan has most recently fallen victim to the rift.

Prime Minister Imran Khan along with his wife, Bushra Bibi, performed Umrah during his visit to Saudi Arabia for the 14th Summit of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held in Makkah. The conference, that made highlights due to Pakistani PM’s vocal support to Palestinians and brave condemnation of human rights abuses in Kashmir, was scandalized after few images emerged online.

The images were claimed to be of first lady’s ex-husband Khawar Maneka and it was propagated that he accompanied them for Umrah, leaving everyone in sheer confusion. While the issue is quite personal in nature and is not a viable argument to criticise someone’s leadership qualities, it still subjected PM and the first lady to a lot of verbal abuse and slander of repute.

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While people fell for the images quite easily, it was disappointing to see even the ‘credible’ journalists and media faces strengthening the narrative.

While called out for it, they said it was a light humour and has been taken out of proportion. However, regardless of political affiliations, such campaigns to slander reputation deserve condemnation as soon, they become a ‘trend’.

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Politics has always been a dirty business and will continue to be ugly. The line between personal attacks and productive criticism is thin and blurred. But the attacks that aren’t alternatively germane to one’s ability to govern can be avoided. And should be avoided.

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