How India is Putting Planet Earth at Risk With Irresponsible Uranium Handling

Natural radioactivity from the substance causes serious health concerns including, cancer.

day before environment day, Police arrested seven people and seized 6.4 kilograms of uranium from their possession in India. It is the second time in less than a month that authorities have captured a large quantity of radioactive material from unauthorized persons in the country.

India has failed in controlling the illegal Uranium Trade. The lack of regulation of protocols by the IAEA Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM) is a matter of great concern for the global community of Environmental protection.

Uranium is a radioactive metal that emits ionic radiation during the natural radioactive decay process. Gamma rays emission from uranium are severe threats to humans, animals, and plants.


Natural radioactivity from the substance causes serious health concerns including, cancer. The illegal trade of uranium has not only been exposing the regional population to harmful radiation but is also putting the earth at risk.

India is guilty of lax controls, inadequate regulatory and enforcement mechanisms, as well as the possible existence of a black market for nuclear materials in the country.

If not controlled according to the protocols of CPPNM, the illegal trade of uranium will, undoubtfully, result in an unfortunate incident in the future.

International communities working for Environment protection must raise serious concerns regarding the illegal trafficking of harmful nuclear material and India’s failure to control the illicit Uranium Trade.

The IAEA must take necessary measures and immediately address the vulnerability of such illegal activities of nuclear material trafficking in India.

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  • Approximately 6kg of uranium from local persons is such a huge amount and Indian media noticed, but still Indian Govt took no serious action and same is the case for UNO …..Everyone is waiting for a big disaster to happen and then a few minutes silence will be conducted

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